Glittering | Huihong Industry Co., Ltd. with functional packaging Hongkong Asia-Pacific Beauty Exhibition shocked debut!
Glittering | Huihong Industry Co., Ltd. with functional packaging Hongkong Asia-Pacific Beauty Exhibition shocked debut!
Nov 13 2019
  • On November 12, 2019, the first day of the Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Beauty Show, the Asia International Expo Hall in Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong was crowded with people. The most prestigious beauty show in Asia was very popular, attracting nearly 3,000 exhibitors. Hundreds of thousands of people, Huihong Industry is no exception, this time brought more than 100 kinds of packaging products to the exhibition.

  • This time with the debut of a number of new technology eye cream new products, it has attracted many brands and terminals around the world to come to understand. Intelligent technology is not a new word. For the 23-year-old Huihong Industry, from the development of plastic molds to the provision of manufacturing technology, from ordinary plastic flips to functional packaging, we have always stepped on the road of intelligence under our feet, laid a solid foundation and led Industry trends, establish enterprise influence with technology manufacturing.

  • One of the new products, the diamond ball somatosensory micro-shock massage eye cream known as the 4D electric eye small iron. After a long time of research and development by Huihong, this Hong Kong exhibition debuted as a dazzling star! Many foreign customers have stopped at the exhibition hall to discuss cooperation. This product integrates technology into one: somatosensory micro-shock + vibrating head rotation massage, which accelerates the absorption of essence nutrients and promotes microcirculation around the eyes. Currently, it has applied for 4 national patents. Many customers at home and abroad are optimistic about this product, and 2020 will be a beautiful landscape in the US market.

  • According to Zeng Hong, the person in charge of sales at Huihong, the pavilion has already harvested millions of orders on the first day, and then will lead the team to do a good job in sales and service to ensure delivery on time and in volume. In addition to the Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Beauty Fair in China and the Shanghai Guangzhou Beauty Expo, in 2019, Huihong Industry took functional packaging products to professional exhibitions around the world such as the United States, Russia, Italy, UAE, and South Korea. In 2020, Huihong products will be spread all over the world to let more users understand the creation of Huihong. I believe that in the future, Huihong Creation will become the most shining star of functional packaging!

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